The Game

The Game is a AR (Augmented Reality) based App, which allows you to convert any room
into an escape room


Escape rooms as an Hobby become limited as you get more into it, since you can experience every room only once, the more you get into it – the harder it gets to find new experiences


Providing a platform for experiencing and make infinite escape rooms, powered by Augmented Reality

The Design Process

Escape room have been exploding in popularity in recent years, with no sign of slowing down. on the other hand, room owners and operators have a tendency to “stretch” popular rooms as much as possible, making it harder for avid fans to get new experiences. portable and DIY rooms have emerged trying to solve this issue, but they tend to be very poor or expensive to build, us, and operate.

with the rising of VR, there are a few experimental rooms using this technology, but they are considered no more than a gimmick rather than a “Real” escape room, and therefore their appeal is very limited.

In the US alone, there are more than 


Escape rooms


While trying to determine how it would by possible to create an escape room which could be modified and experienced indefinitely,Augmented Reality emerged as a solution to use as a layer that can be easily manipulated to create atmosphere and interactivity, without “disconnecting” the players from the real world and giving a more tangible experience than VR or other portable solutions that currently exist in the market.


The onboarding experience was a crucial element for the app, providing as much value and engagement on front to the user, making sure he is involved and ready to move forward with the process.

Card System & Augmented Reality

Genre Cards

these cards are used to define the overall atmosphere of the room.

Combo Cards

these cards are use to create the puzzles, defining the mechanics and scope

Clue Cards

these cards are used with the combo cards to allow clues for the players

Character Cards

these are triggers for the app to show characters giving info, adding or resolving goals, ect

UI Demonstration

Elements in 3d Space

The App Scans the geometry of the room and places puzzles, and clues about the room

Interacting in AR

You then can tap the screen to interact with the elements, in this case you found a Classic Viewmaster Viewer!
(makes you wonder what is those little slides…)

Combining Elements

You can also use together AR elements to achieve a goal or get a new clue!
(be careful though, curiosity killed the cat… 😜 )


In an ever-expanding market such the escape room space the demand for innovative solutions for richer gaming experiences while still being grounded in physical reality, The Game  is an entry point for digital publishers to move away from the screen and into the real world, while still using the core principles that make so successful in the gaming industry.


This is also a great opportunity for independent makers to have a platform for creating content in this type of technology which gets better everyday and offer more features, in a more approachable way.

I'm always looking for new opportunities!

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