Today, I’ve designed nothing.

by Isaac Feldman

Messy room. I’m sitting in front of my dual screens, in one the brief, in the other, a blindingly white blank Illustrator art board. I give up on lowering the brightness on my laptop’s screen after a few minutes. Half an hour goes by and i’m almost up to date with all my YouTube subscriptions, while the brief awaits in a pinned tab. Get up, grab a coffee, time to work.

Another hour or so and I finally find the perfect album for background music. Damn, it’s hot in here. I get up and turn on the AC. I wonder if I can get away with charging the client for this. Reluctantly I do research by googling a few terms related to the brief. I see an ad for a front end development course and wonder if it’s too late for me. It’s 00:05, so I pick up my Wacom stylus and after 25 minutes I have 3 different sketches. a few minutes later, some mockups appear, attach to email, send, go to sleep. in the morning i receive some color corrections, by lunch i get final approval. i create a final PDF, attach to mail, go to sleep.

That was how i used to work till about 3 years ago..

i can’t say my process is too different today. nowadays i sit down, do my research, pick up my notebook and spill my guts out doodling.

As you can see above, i’m not the most amazing illustrator. Luckily for me, that’s all i need to get my creative juices going. at this rate, i’ve through half a dozen full notebooks which just sit on the shelf. sometimes i wonder if could recycle ideas, but then i doodle for a few minutes more and get new ideas.

at the end of the day, i’m not gonna tell you that you should stop staring into that screen like a spoiled brat, waiting for the “Inspiration” to come by and just the fucking job done, but you should.

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