My own personal manifesto

My personal manifesto

it is time to evolve. this post will serve as the first step in a new road i’ll be taking. for the last few years I have tried to do some things to move forward my career but it seems i have lost the control over the speed and direction of it some time ago, so I’m gonna lay some guidelines which i will use from this moment on:
  • I Won’t be doing any kind of freelancing ever again – this has proven useless to me.
  • I won’t be doing any writing in Hebrew, since i find it to be easier to just talk to whoever is listening in person / audio form.
  • My main focus for the foreseeable future will be in creating products as a solopreneur exclusively, bootstrapping as much as possible.
  • I will be sharing this process on this blog and on a podcast, as a legacy tool for my children and whoever may benefit from it.
this is it for now, if you’re reading this and want to know what happens next, check the rest of the blog posts and the podcast which will be on soon.