Finding outdoor gym partners in your area
and achieving your fitness goals together

my role

This is a Project done as part of a
UX training program , so the entire product was created by me, from ideation to the final visual design.


Full prototype in Axure and Figma files Delivered for development


pen & paper mostly, Axure for wireframing and prototyping, and finally Figma for the design.

The Challenge

People do not persevere on their fitness goals,
because there’s no immediate tangible value in the process

The solution

providing a platform for receiving and giving support and feedback which keep users focused on their goals and encourages moving forward 

The Design Process



Of Gym memberships owners

don’t attend the Gym at all.

Which means not only most people are wasting their money, but this is actually the financial model for gyms overall. Diving into further research shows the reason people don’t persist is actually rooted in the lack of short term feedback and support from the environment, resulting in frustration and eventually quitting all together.


A circle of short and constant feedback loops is essential for people in order for them to advance and achieve their fitness goals.

Online survey

In addition to personal interviews with potential users, I ran an online questionnaire which showed people were aware of outdoor gyms but not considered them a viable alternative to the commercial Gym they were members of.


Defining the main personas was essential to understand the right flows that would match with the aspirations of the users and help them achieve their fitness goals.



The onboarding experience was a crucial element for the app, providing as much value and engagement on front to the user, making sure he is involved and ready to move forward with the process.


The app offers a few revenue options:
local trainers can create content for the app and list themselves in the outdoor gyms for group time based subscriptions, managing all transactions in app.

As a gamification feature, Brands and Municipalities can sponsor community events in the app and also give discounts corresponding to points earned by the user in the app.

UI Design

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